Small Wheelchairs For Small Kids, Streamlined Chairs For Active Kids

Think of it this way. Have a look at the top of the range bicycles that professional cyclists are using for their famous tours. These mobile objects look very foreign indeed. They are deliberately streamlined, lightweight and built with materials like fiberglass and aluminum to enhance peak performance for the cyclist. Several Olympiads later, wheelchairs have become a familiar presence at these historic sports events.

A kid condemned to a wheelchair in early life is not a condemned kid at all. He or she can still have an active life, quite close to other normal kids of the same age. Today, customized wheelchairs for kids are also being built for sporting purposes. Even so, much more thought needs to go into the preparation of specialist wheelchairs for small kids. They may be born so, or become physically disabled, losing the loss of both legs at a very early age.

For them, it will never be a case of giving up. If you give them the opportunity to go in for specialized physiotherapy and lessons on how to adapt and be mobile in a custom built wheelchair, they will be just fine. Not only will they survive, they’ll thrive. Custom built chairs need to be lightweight, given the weight of the young child. The light weight also allows for the chair to be more mobile and robust with special wheel features allowing for the kid to work his way up ramps and over curbs, and even negotiate stairs.

customized wheelchairs for kids

While it is pleasing that cities and towns, and property owners, and especially some (too few, unfortunately) schools are making provision for wheelchair bound kids and adults, challenges will always remain. A custom built wheelchair for a small user certainly does help.