Get Rid of Roaches: Fast Facts

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests found inside of Maryland homes. These invaders eat your food, lay eggs in cabinets, and leave a smell and crud behind that is pleasant to no one. These pesky critters can even cause problems for people bothered by asthma and allergies. It is best to have pest control prince Frederick MD come in regularly.  Learn more facts about cockroaches below.

Cockroaches Can Survive Without Food

Cockroaches make their way inside of homes to eat, but this doesn’t mean they need food. These critters are capable of surviving for a great deal of time without any food. Some cockroaches even feast upon non-food items!

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A Corner is a Cockroaches Friend

You oftentimes see the cockroach inside of a crack or crevice in the wall, or crawling alongside the corners. This isn’t coincidence. Instead, cockroaches know exactly what they’re doing and use this area as a means of hiding themselves from eyesight. The critters feel more comfortable when something is around them as well.

Most Cockroaches Live Outside

Thought anyone who is facing a cockroach infestation may beg to differ, most cockroaches live in the great outdoors. Most cockroaches do not set up home inside of yours, though they do come in to find food, water, and for heat. Most cockroaches still prefer being outside.

Cockroaches Can Hold Their Breath

And they can do so for a period of about 40 minutes. If that isn’t impressive, can anyone explain what really is impressive? They can even survive when submerged in water, so think twice about flushing them down the toilet!

If cockroaches are disturbing your life, call a professional pest control expert who can rid them from the home quickly. Cockroaches may have some impressive qualities, but this isn’t to say there any more welcomed in the home.